Lost my keys / wallet / valuable. What now?

            Please contact our support team to help you in your search. When you contact support make sure to provide them with your e-mail address of your QTrace account. Then they can help you right away! If you prefer to try for yourself first please follow the steps below (Just curious, Need to find and Desperate to find). 

            For you to understand the application: It is most important to know when the QTrace has been last connected. If this is recent (<24 hr) and you are sure you haven't seen your QTrace connected to your valuables after the time stamp of the last known location please follow these steps:

            • Open the QTrace app on the phone;
            • Go to the detail view of the QTrace that you have lost;
            • Under the map circle you see a time and location where your QTrace was last seen;
            • Go physically to the last known location;
            • Walk around with the App opened and see if it reconnects. After every 5 steps just give the app 10-15 seconds to establish the Bluetooth connection;
            • Once found the bell logo will appear in the screen and you are able to ring it.

            * If you can't find it please contact support to check the battery status and other steps to take.

            Please note that once the battery has reported as low this has been shown on the detail view screen in your QTrace application screen. Always replace the battery immediately to make sure your valuable doesn't get lost. The chance to re-establish Bluetooth connection with a low battery QTrace is low. 

            Depending on the urgency of your loss we have written some scenarios for what you could do yourself.


            Updated: 25 Jun 2017 07:23 PM
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