Transferring your QTrace

If you want to give your QTrace to someone else but you’ve already activated it, we can help!

To start, the person who you want to give the QTrace to needs to have an active QTrace account, so first ask them to sign up!

Next, email* us at with the following information so we can transfer your QTrace:

  1. The email address associated with the account the QTrace is currently on.
  2. The email address associated with the account you’d like to transfer your QTrace to.
  3. The QTrace ID of the QTrace you’d like to transfer.

 *Please use the email address associated with your QTrace account so that we can verify your request. We will not be able to fulfill a transfer request through chat or form submission for security purposes.

 How do I find my QTrace ID?

It’s easy! Choose the QTrace you’re trying to identify in the app and click “Options”, and then “Details”. Your QTrace’s ID will be listed there!

How will this affect a shared QTrace?

If you’re already sharing the QTrace that you want to transfer, once you transfer the QTrace it will no longer be shared with the other user.

The only person who will be able to view the QTrace once it’s transferred is the person to whom it was transferred. They can, however, share that QTrace with another person if they choose to!